3 things you should know about Male and Female Orgasm.

Orgasms are great for both parties involved. However, men’s orgasms are more celebrated and known than that of females. Here are 3 key things everyone should know about male and female orgasms.

1. Women are more likely to experience multiple orgasms than men: After orgasm, men go through a refractory period, their body forcing them to take a break and making it tough to have an erection for some time. Women rarely experience a refractory period, which means they can be aroused to have an orgasm again or even have multiple orgasms at once.

2. Not all women ejaculate during orgasms: The most obvious difference between male and female orgasms is ejaculate or “cum”. Most men ejaculate during most orgasms while most women don’t ejaculate during most orgasms.

3. Female Ejaculation is quite different from Male Ejaculation: When women do ejaculate, popularly called “squirting”, it is quite different from semen. Semen is a concentrated form of liquid, whereas squirt is more diffuse. However, it’s still not clear exactly what female squirt is made from.

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