WTO Public Forum 2022

We are super pumped to announce that we have partnered with Dynamics impact advisory to give access to the African session on ‘HARNESSING TECHNOLOGY AND DIGITAL INNOVATION TO ADVANCE AFRICA’S TRADE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AGENDA’— for this year’s WTO public forum to Savvy Media Africa’s community members for free.

Panelists include Adebayo Adeleke, CEO, supply chain Africa, Olori Boye- Ajayi, President, Borderless trade network, John Hoofmann, Head, trade logistics branch, Division on Technology and logistics, (UNCTAD), Parminder Vir, Obe, Senior Advisor, The village foundation, and moderator, Gbemisola Osadua (Lead advisor, Dynamics Impact Advisory (DIA).

Scheduled for 27th-30th, September 2022, Nigerians through Savvy Media Africa’s platform can join virtually and also those in the diaspora.

Watch all exclusives via our Youtube Link.

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